London Confession Of Faith 1689
I hold with Benjamin Keach that the Sabbath Is Changed To The Lord’s Day
And Exclusive Psalmody With Early Baptists
    • Chapter 31 – The State of Humanity after Death and the Resurrection of the Dead
  • Chapter 32 – The Last Judgment

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Chapter I. Reforms Needed In “Scripture”

1.The Scriptures Are Our Only Authority

Robert Haldane- The Evidence And Authority of Divine Revelation 

2.The Scriptures Are Inherent

Charles Spurgeon  from his sermon The Warnings and the Rewards of the Word of                   God – 

The Full Inspiration and Inerrancy of the Bible – J.C.Ryle 

The Attestation Of Scripture – John Murray

Modernism And Inerrancy –  Brian Schwertley

Biblical Inerrancy – John Gerstner 

A Historian Looks at Inerrancy – Harold Lindsell 

Does Inerrancy Matter Anymore – James White

3.The Canon Of Scripture Is Closed? 

The Books Of The Old And New Testament Canonical And InspiredRobert Haldane

4.God Does Not Speak To Men Apart From Scripture

Mysticism (From His Systematic Theology Book 62-79) – Charles Hodge 

Mysticism And Christianity – B.B. Warfield

The Mystic Plague Sweeping The Western World – Richard Bennett

5.The King James And Geneva Bible Have Been Providentially Preserved

Robert McCurley

Accurate Translation 

Authentic Text

Stephen Dilday

The Bibles Providential Preservation 1/4 

The Bibles Providential Preservation 2/4

The Bibles Providential Preservation 3/4

The Bibles Providential Preservation 4/4

Chapter II. Reforms Needed In The Doctrine Of The Trinity

1. God is Three Persons

Charles Hodge-The Trinity-

Thomas Watson The Trinity-

Thomas Boston   Of The Holy Trinity- Thomas Boston

John Owen  The Doctrine Of  The Trinity- John Owen

James Montgomery Boyce- The Bibles Teaching About The Trinity-

2. God Has One Essence

The Essence Of God – William Ames

The Unity of the Divine Essence in Three Persons…(Chapter 13 of “Institutes of       the Christian Religion“) – John Calvin

What Really Happened at Nicea? – James White 

3.His Essence Is Represented As  A Male In The Bible

4.Scripture Uses Anthomorphic Language To Describe His Features

5. He Has Incommunicable Attributes Which He Shares With No One

The Sovereignty of God

Jonathan Edwards

Thomas Watson

Arthur Pink

The Decrees of God

Jonathan Edwards

Thomas Watston

Arthur Pink

Stephen Charnock

The Omnipotence of God

Jonathan Edwards

Thomas Watston

Arthur Pink

Stephen Charnock

The Omniscience of God

Jonathan Edwards

Thomas Watston

Arthur Pink

Stephen Charnock

The Omniprescese of God

Jonathan Edwards

Thomas Watston

Arthur Pink

Stephen Charnock

The Wrath and Hatred of God

Jonathan Edwards

Thomas Watston

Arthur Pink

Stephen Charnock

6.  He Has Communicable Attributes He Shares With His People

The Holiness of God

Jonathan Edwards

Thomas Watson

Arthur Pink

Stephen Charnock

Thomas Brooks

The Love of God

Chapter III. Reforms Needed In God’s Decrees

1. God’s Eternal Decrees Are Not Based On Man’s Decisions?

Arthur Pink   The Decrees of God (Chapter 2 of  Attributes of God  

Hugh Binning- Of the Decrees of God 

Thomas Boston- Important Lessons Drawn from the Decrees of God” 

Francis Turrentin-The Decrees Of God

Charles Hodge   The Decrees Of God

William Ames-  The Decrees Of God

David Dickson-Of Gods Eternal Decrees

John Flavel-The Decrees Of God

The Decrees Of God – Thomas Watson

2.God knows All Things

Arthur Pink-The Knowledge of God (Chapter 2 of  Attributes of God ) 

Charles Spurgeon-   The Omniscience of God

Gordon Clark- The Omniscience Of God- Gordon Clark

3.God Is In Sovereign Control Of All Things

4.God Predestines Some To Heaven And Some To Hell

The Doctrine of Reprobation – R.C. Sproul 

Why Did God From The First Predestine Some To Death – John Calvin

Reprobation Asserted – John Bunyan

Reprobation – Lorraine Boetner

Vessels Prepared For Destruction – James White

Chapter IV. Reforms Needed In Creation

1. The Creation Account  In Genesis Was A literal Event By Literal People

2.The Earth Was Created About Six Thousand Years Old?

Ken Ham – Millions of Years

Ken Ham – How Are Fossils Formed?

3.The Material World Was Created Good

William Greenhill.

4. Man Was Created With A Body Spirit And Soul

Chapter VI. Reforms Needed In The Fall of Man

1.The Fall Was Decreed To Take Place (Infra vs Supra)

2.Adam Was The Federal Representative For All Men

Arthur Pink-Adam Is Our Federal Head  

3. God Imputes Adams Sin To Mankind

Did All Mankind Fall In Adam? – John Flavel

The Imputation Of Adams Sin – John Murray

Imputation – B.B. Warfield

Containing Answers to Objections (Part 4, Chapter 3 of  The Great                           Christian Doctrine of ORIGINAL SIN Defended; Evidences of its                                Truth Produced, and Arguments to the Contrary Answered) – Jonathan Edwards

4.This Imputation Of Sin Added Nothing To Mens Nature

5.Since The Fall Man Is Totally Depraved

Total Depravity – Lorraine Boettner    

The Total Depravity of Man – Charles Hodge 

Man Now Deprived of Freedom of Will, and Miserably Enslaved (Book 2, Chapter       2 of Institutes of Christian Religion) –  John Calvin       

The Total Depravity Of Man –  Arthur Pink

6. His Will Is Enslaved To Follow His Evil Nature

Martin Luther- Bondage Of The Will

7. It Is Free To Do What It Wants

Jonathan Edwards- Freedom Of The Will

8. In This Condition God Hates Mankind

Jonathan Edwards-

Arthur Pink

9. Even So God Has A Desire To Do Good To Man

Hugh Binning

Ralph Venning

10.As A Sinner Mankind Has Nothing To Esteem In Himself 

The Biblical View of Self Esteem – Jay Adams

Arthur Pink – Vile 

Chapter VIII. Reforms Needed In Christ The Mediator       

1.Christ Is Eternal

2.He Came To Be Born Of A Virgin Woman

3.His Nature Was Both Fully God and Fully Man

4.Since He Was Fully God It Assured He Had No Ability To Sin

5.It Also Enabled Him To Perform Supernatural Miracles

6.Since He Was Also Fully Man He Felt Much Bodily Pain, hunger and thirst

7.His Dual Nature Enabled Him To Obey God Actively And Passively

David Dickson- Truths Victory Over Error

8.Having No Sin Christ Was Not Born Again At The Cross

Hank Hanegraff– Christianity In Crisis

9.After Three Days Christ Rose Bodily From The Grave


10.The Christian Loves Christ Primarily For His Nature

Christ’s Manifestation of Himself Unto Those Who Love Him”  (from The True     Christian’s Love to the Unseen Christ“) – Thomas Vincent

Motives To Love Jesus Christ – Thomas Doolittle

Jonathan Edwards- Religious Affections

Chapter X. Reforms Needed In  Irresistible Grace

1.Men Cannot Resist God’s Electing Grace?

Concerning Efficacious Grace – Jonathan Edwards      

Irresistible Grace – John Murray

Of Effectual Calling (Chapter 10 of  Truth’s Victory Over Error) – David Dickson

Chapter XI. Saving Faith

1.The Altar Call Is Unbiblical?

Dr. Lloyd Jones on the Altar Call 

G.I. Williamson- Altar Call – 

2.Man Is Not Saved When He Prays The Sinners Prayer

Thomas Vincent –True Salvation is Rare 

William Nichols- Seeking God 

Solomon Stoddard- A Guide To Christ

3.We Are Not Assured Of Salvation At Conversion?

Thomas Chalmers- Self Examination

Paul Washer-How Can You Have Assurance? 

4.There Are Many False Conversions In The Church

Almost Chrisitan Discovered

Alarm To The Unconverted

5. The Doctrine of Hell Is Useful To Awaken The Conscience

5.True Conversion Brings A Mourning For Sin



A Willingness To Leave All For Christ



Chapter XVIII. Reforms Needed In Assurance

True Salvation Is Evidenced By Works

Directions for Judging a Person’s Experiences – Jonathan Edwards

A Sight of Heaven – John Owen

Love To God – Thomas Doolitle

Pour Ones Heart To God In Prayer-

Chapter XIX. Reforms Needed In The Law Of God

“We Establish The Law”

For an Overview Of The Law of God:

The Ten Commandments – James Durham

Thomas Watson – The Ten Commandments – Thomas Watson

Explanation of the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism – Thomas Vincent

The Old Testament Law Was Three-Fold

The Judicial and Ceremonial Law Have Abolished

The New Testament Moral Law Is The Same As The Old Testament Moral Law

Their Are Three Purposes Of The Law of God

John Calvin-Institutes of Christian Religion

The Moral Law Is To Be Obeyed by Christians

The Moral Law a Rule of Obedience – Samuel Bolton

The Law and the Saint – Arthur Pink

The Proper Definition and Uses of the Law – Brian Schwertley

Law and Grace – John Murray

Mathew Poole-Commentary on Matthew 5:17-20 

John Calvin  Commentary on Matthew 5: 17-20

Brian Schwertley-  Abiding Validity of the Law

Stephen Dilday- Fulfillment of the Law 

Joel Beeke  The Eleven Commandments 

No One Is Saved By Obedience To The Moral Law

The Civil Government Cant Force The Law In Religion

John Cotton-Cant Force Conscience In Matters Of Religion

                                            Separation From The World

1.The Material World Is Not Evil

William Greenhill- Stop Loving The World

2.Their Is A Right Use Of The World For Recreation

William Greenhill, Stop Loving The World, pages

3.The World As Depraved Is Very Dangerous

John Flavel- Serious and Seasonable Caveat to all the Saints in this Hour of Temptation, 29-33

Thomas WatsonHeaven Taken By Storm

Ralph Erskine- The Vanity of Earthly Things And Worldly Enjoyments

Thomas Brooks-Holiness The Way To Happiness, pages 43-45

John Bunyan- A Holy Life

John Owen- Public Tempations Chapter Three

J.C. Ryle- The World

Horatious Bonar- The World

Charles Spurgeon- Places of Entertainments

Arthur Pink- A Call To Separation

Horatius Bonar- Christ And The World

L.R. Shelton- Love Not The World

Thomas Boston

Alexander Thompson- Lovers of Pleasure Rather Than God

Earthly Mindedness- Jeremiah Burroughs

Buy: Stop Loving The World – William Greenhill

Worldliness Carries With It Many Dangers

1. The Beholding of Evil

Mortified Eyes- Thomas Manton Psalm 101

2.The Bad Company Which Corrupts Good Morals

Device 12. To Choose Wicked Company- Thomas Brooks

John Angell James- The Christian Fathers Present To His Children

3. The Wasting of Time

The Preciousness of Time And Importance of Redeeming It- Jonathan Edwards

Time Wasting Thieves- Richard Baxter

Thomas Manton

4.The Deadening of Heavenly affections

Worldly Affections Destructive To The Love of God- Edward Manning

5. The Partaking In Other Mens Sins

Christian Liberty Means To Avoid Worlyness

The term “Christian liberty,” like many another, is used very loosely by our moderns. We greatly fear that to many, who though bearing the name of Christians, have never been born again—Christian liberty means license to do as one pleases . “

                                                   We Must Avoid Sinful Attitudes Of The Heart

                                                     We Must Avoid Sinful Entertainments

   1.The Evils Of Watching Movies

On Theatrical Amusements” (from The Christian Father’s Present to His Children)      – John Angel James

The Arena, Circus and Theatre (from The Writings of Tertullian) – Tertullian

A sermon on theatre attendance, delivered on January 19, 1812 –  Samuel Miiler 

Is TV Really So Bad? – Joel Beeke

A Testimony Against Several Prophane and Superstitious Customs… – Increase          Mather

Prologue (from The Law Unsealed: Or, A Practical Exposition of  the Ten                   Commandments…) – James Durham

Should Christians Watch Movies? – David Murray

William Plummer

Samuel Pike and Heyward

William Ames

 2.The Evils of Mixed Dancing

An Arrow Against Profane and Promiscuous Mixed Dancing… – Increase Mather

A Cloud of Witnesses… – Cotton Mather

The Dancing Question – R. L. Dabney

Social Dancing Inconsistent With a Christian Profession and  Baptismal Vows  –         Benjamin Palmer

Again Mixed Dancing – J.C. Ryle

3.The Evils of Mixed Swimming

Public Undressing of America – Scott Pollard 

4.The Evils of Reading Wordliness and Vanity

On Dangerous Reading- R.L. Dabney

Richard Baxter- Directions For Reading Of Books

5. The Evils of Spectator Sports


Richard Baxter-Directions For Lawful Sports

6. The Evils of Cards and Dice

Increase Mather

Pike And Heyward- Cases of Concience

James Durham- The Ten Commandments

                                   We Must Avoid False Religous Practices

1.Tae Kwon Doe

2.Applied Kinesiology


We Must Avoid The Fashions Of The World

Chrisitan Women and Men Must Dress Distinct

Sermon On Timothy-John Calvin

The Seventh Commandment- James Durham

Christian Women Must Wear Dresses

David Silversides – “Christian Modesty in Dress: What Does the Bible Teach?”

James Durham – “On Apparelling” (from “The Law Unsealed)

Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland – “Distinct Clothing for Men and Women”

The Immodest Wear

Avoiding Immodest Fashions-Vincent Alsop

Wearing of Lipstick

Women wearing short hair

Men wearing long hair


                                      Must Avoid The Worlds Major Customs













Filthy Speech



                            XXI. Reforms Needed In Worship / Sabbath  

“Keep The Sabbath Day Holy”


All Elements Of Public Worship Must Be Commanded by God

Robert McCurley

I. Old Testament Jewish Worship

1.We May Not Bring Musical Instruments In Public Worship?

G.I. Williamson – “Instruments in Public Worship: Commanded or Not      Commanded?”

R.L. Dabney – “Girardeau’s ‘Instruments in Public Worship’ – A Review”

Hugh Brown – “Discourse Against the Use of Instrumental Music in Public      Worship”

Robert McCurley – “Musical Instruments in Worship”

Steven Dilday – “History of the Service of Song”

John Girardeau – “Instrumental Music in the Worship of the Church”

Brian Schwertley – “Musical Instruments in the Public Worship of God”

2. The Church May Not Celebrate Holy Days In Any Manner? 

G.I. Williamson – “Holy Days of Men and Holy Days of God”

Samuel Miller – “Presbyterians Do Not Observe Holy Days”

Steven Dilday – Various sermons on the history of holy days (Christmas, Easter,      etc.)

George Gillespie-English And Popish Ceremonies

3. No Church Made Holy Days


Increase Mather

Arthur Pink

New Years

Valentines Day





4. No State Made Holy Days

Fourth Of July

Memorial Day

Presidents Day

5. No Birthdays

6.Choirs Are Not To Be Used In Public Worship?

    Free Presbyterian Church Magazine – “The Case Against the Choir”

II. Traditions of Rome

         We May Not Sing With Uninspired Compositions In Public Worship?

           John Chalmers – Sermon on exclusive psalmody published in 1900

           John Murray “Song in the Public Worship of God”

           G.I. Williamson “The Singing of Psalms in the Worship of God”

           John Gill – “A Discourse on Singing of Psalms as a Part of Divine Worship”

           John Cotton – The Singing Of Psalms A Gospel Ordinance-  

           “Exclusive Psalmody: A Biblical Defense” Brian Schwertley

        The Creed May Not Be Used In Public Worship?

                Travis Fentiman-  Creeds Are Not An Element Of Public Worship

        We May Not Worship God By Pictures Of Christ?

          John Murray – “Pictures of Christ”

         Thomas Watson “The Second Commandment” (from “The Ten           Commandments“)

         G.I. Williamson – “Pictures of Christ” (part of a tract on the Second  Commandment)

       The Church May Not Have Worship Services For The Dead?

        Covenanter Magazine – “Evils in the Churches No. 6 – Services at the Burial of          the Dead”

     Alexander Henderson

Thomas McCrie

III. Traditions of Protestants 
          Women Must Wear Headcoverings In Public Worship?

             John Calvin – “Calvin on Headcoverings”

             David Dickson – “The Seventh Article Concerning Order and Decency” Chapter 6 of “Commentaries on the Epistles“) 

            David Silversides – “Is Headcovering Biblical?”

            David Silversides – Sermons on Women’s Headcoverings  

                  Rob McCurley 

            Mark Fitzpatrick

            Malcolm Watts

         Women May Not Serve As Deaconessess

             Ron Gleason – “The PCA and Female Deaconesses”

             Brian Schwertley – “A Historical and Biblical Examination of Women      Deaconesses”

         Women Are Not To Vote In Elections

            Thomas McCrie -Women Voting

The Lord Severely Punishes All False Worship

Thomas Brooks-

Anthony Burgess-

John Flavel-

Thomas Manton


                                              Christians Must Keep The Sabbath Day Holy?

The Sabbath Has Changed Days

Jonathan Edwards – “Perpetuity and Change of the Sabbath”

A.A. Hodge – “Sabbath, The Day Changed: The Sabbath Preserved”

It Is Still From Evening To Evening

Thomas Shephard

John Cotton

This Day Is To Be Kept Strictly Religious

Thomas Vincent

John Owen

J.C. Ryle

Robert Murray McCheyne

God Punishes Sabbath Breakers Severely

Thomas Manton

Thomas Vincent

Thomas Watson

Thomas Brooks

Articles, and Books On The Sabbath

    R.L. Dabney – “The Christian Sabbath: It’s Nature, Design and Proper        Observance”

    John Calvin – “On the Sabbath” (from “Sermons on Deuteronomy“)

    J.C. Ryle – “Sabbath: A Day to Keep”

    Bill Marshall – Sermons on the Sabbath

    Brian Schwertley – “The Christian Sabbath: Part 1″

    Supporting Materials

    John Murray – “The Sabbath”

    Charles Hodge – “The Fourth Commandment”

    Thomas Watson – “The Fourth Commandment”

    John Bunyan – “Questions About the Nature and Perpetuity of the Seventh-Day     Sabbath…”

    John Owen – “A Treatise on the Sabbath”

   Thomas Boston – “Of the Fourth Commandment” (from “Commentary on the     Shorter Catechism“)


     Reforms Needed In Marriage

 I. Pre-Marriage

  We Must Marry Rather Than Burn

   Read: John Calvin

   Listen: Joel Beeke

 Christians May Sometimes Marry Without Parents Consent

   Read: Travis Fentiman – “Qualified Headship…”      

 Christians May Marry Interacially?

   Read: Brian Schwertley

Christians May Marry All Sorts Who Can Have Sex

William Gouge

II. The Duties Of Husband And Wife

William Gouge

Richard Baxter

Richard Steele

               Individual Roles

Christian Women Must Submit To There husbands

William Gouge -Articles on Chapel Library

Christian Women Must Be Homemakers

Women At Home- John Calvin

Men’s Roles In Marriage

Men Must Love Wife As Christ Loves The Church

William Gouge

Men Must Have A Lawful Calling

Richard Steele

William Perkins

Men Must Lead In Family Worship

Family Worship- John Brown Of Wamphrey

Family Worship-Arthur Pink

Family Worship-Thomas Manton

Family Worship-William Perkins

Family Worship-John Newton

James Alexander

Mathew Henry

III. The Duties Of Parents

J.C. Ryle- The Duties of Parents

They Must Model Christ To Them

They Must Train Them In The Way They Should Go

They Must Discipline With The Rod

They Must Provide A Christian Education

John Murray

Brian Schwertley

They Must Catechize Them In The Word

IV. The Marraige Bed

A Christian May Not Use Contraception

   Many articles:  Puritan Downloads

    Randy Alcorn

The End of Marriage 

 Only God Has Power To Dissolve Marriages

   Read:  John Owen – “Of Marrying After Divorce In Case of Adultery” (from “The     Works of John Owen“, Vol. 16)

The Only Reason For Divorce Is Adultery

The Innocent Party May Re-Marry After Adultery Or Desertion


Chapter XXV. Reforms Needed In The Church

We Enter The Church By Profession of Faith And Or Baptism

John Gill

Benjamin Keach

We must Be strict In Who Joins The Church

John Owen

John Cotton

Each Church Is  Independent In Its Government

William Ames

John Owen

John Cotton

All Those Who Join Have Authority To Vote In Church Matters

John Cotton

John Owen

Thomas Goodwin

Solomon Stoddard

William Ames

The Process of Church Discipline Should Be Very Swift

Alexander Henderson

When Anyone Is Guilty Of Unrepentant Sin He Goes Before The Church For Excommunition

John Owen

Jonathan Edwards

One May Also Leave If There is Rampant Worldliness

John Cotton- Of The Holiness Of Church Members

John Owen

      Elders And Deacons

The Church Consists Of Elders And Deacons

To Be Considered For These Offices Their Are Qualifications

William Perkins

Charles Bridges

James Durham

The Only Way One May Preach Gods Word Is By Being Ordained

David Dickson, Truths Victory Over Error

George Gillespie-Ordination-

Women May Not Publicly Teach Men

Truths Victory Over Errror- David Dickson  

 “Women Preachers: The Public Preaching of Women”Read: R.L. Dabney –

Women May Not Preach B.B. Warfield,

For One To Be Called The Church Body  Elects Them

    Read: Samuel Rutherford – “Rutherford on Separatism”

    Read: Thomas Boston


 Does The Christian Have Liberty To Fellowship With Those In Sin?

    Read: George Gillespie – Forbidden Alliances Concerning Associations and     Confederacies with Idolaters, Infidels, Heretics, or Any Other Known Enemies of Truth and Godliness”

Holiness The Crown Jewel Of Christianity-Thomas Brooks


Chapter XXVIII. Reforms Needed In Baptism

Children Are Not In The Covenant Of Grace

Benjamin Keach- The Rector Rectified and Corrected chapter Two

Circumcision Does Not Replace Baptism

Benjamin Keach- The Rector Rectified, and Corrected chapter one

Children Are Not To Be Baptized

Benjamin Keach– The Rector Rectified and Corrected chapter three     

Baptism Means To Immerse Under Water

Benjamin Keach- The Rector Rectified and Corrected chapter seven

The Early Church Practiced Believers Baptism

John Gill

The Church In Africa Brought In Infant Baptism

Benjamin Keach

Chapter XXIX. Reforms Needed In Lord’s Supper    

The Lords Supper Should Not Be Weekly

There Must Be  A Preparing For The Lords Supper

The Lords Spiritual Body Is Present In The Supper

This Must Be Able To Be Discerned To Partake

Unconverted Children Cannot Discern Nor Partake?

    Read: Brian Schwertley: “Paedocommunion: A Biblical Examination”

The Elements Are Wine and Unleavened Bread

Following The Lords Table We Should Examine Ourselves


Chapter XXX. Reforms Needed In Church Discipline

The Church Referred To In Mathew 18, Is All Believers

John Cotton

John Owen 

The Church Must Discipline For All Unrepentant Sin

    Read: John Owen – “Excommunication” (from “The Works of John Owen” Vol. 16)


XXXII. Reforms Needed In Men After Death

    Read Westminster Confession Chapter 32

    Read Commentary of Westminster Confession Chapter 32



Those Who Enter Hell Are There For Eternity

Jonathan Edwards – “The Eternity of Hell Torments”

The Lord Is Their In His Fierce Wrath

Their Is Literal Burning Fire


Those Who Go Are Eternally Happy

Their Are Differnt Degrees Of Reward In Heaven

No One Will Be Unhappy By Seeing Others Damned

Jonathan Edwards,

    Those Who Are Damned Are Not Annihilated?