Christian Liberty


Separation From The World

A Serious and Seasonable Caveat to all the Saints in this Hour of Temptation, 29-33-John Flavel

Heaven Taken By Storm-Thomas Watson

Holiness The Way To Happiness, pages 43-45-Thomas Brooks

The World- J.C. Ryle

Earthly Mindedness- Jeremiah Burroughs

Buy: Stop Loving The World – William Greenhill

Special Evils Within Amusements and Entertainments


1. The Beholding of Evil

Mortified Eyes- Thomas Manton Psalm 101

2.The Bad Company Which Corrupts Good Morals

Device 12. To Choose Wicked Company- Thomas Brooks

3. The Wasting of Time

The Preciousness of Time And Importance of Redeeming It- Jonathan Edwards

Time Wasting Thieves- Richard Baxter

Thomas Manton

4.The Deadening of Heavenly affections

Worldly Affections Destructive To The Love of God- Edward Manning

I. Separation From Sinful Entertainments

1.The Evils Of Movies

A sermon on theatre attendance, delivered on January 19, 1812 –  Samuel Miiler

A Testimony Against Several Prophane and Superstitious Customs… – Increase Mather

On Theatrical Amusements” (from The Christian Father’s Present to His Children)      – John Angel James   

Prologue (from The Law Unsealed: Or, A Practical Exposition of  the Ten                   Commandments…) – James Durham

Should Christians Watch Movies? – David Murray

Cases of Conscience– Samuel Heyward

Is TV Really So Bad? – Joel Beeke

2.The Evils of Public Dancing

An Arrow Against Profane and Promiscuous Mixed Dancing… – Increase Mather

A Cloud of Witnesses… – Cotton Mather

The Dancing Question – R. L. Dabney

Social Dancing Inconsistent With a Christian Profession and  Baptismal Vows  –Benjamin Palmer

Again Mixed Dancing – J.C. Ryle

3.The Evils Of Mixed Swimming

Public Undressing of America – Scott Pollard 

4.The Evils Of Reading Worldly And Vain Books

Dangerous Reading- R.L. Dabney

Richard Baxter-

5.The Evils Of Spectator Sports

Richard Baxter

The Shows- Tertullian

The Evils of Romantic Love Songs

Richard Baxter

The Evils of Card Playing And Dice


II. Separation From Sinful Traditions

The Sinfulness of Man Made Holy Days

   The Evils of Christmas   

   Christmas – Increase Mather

   XMAS – Arthur Pink

  Holy Days Of Men And Of God – G.I. Williamson

   The Evils of Halloween

   Read: Mathew McMahon – “The Way of The Heathen: A Brief History of      Halloween”

III. Separation From Sinful Dress for Women



    David Silversides – “Christian Modesty in Dress: What Does the Bible Teach?”

    James Durham – “On Apparelling” (from “The Law Unsealed)

    Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland – “Distinct Clothing for Men and Women”