Church Movements In Chronological Order

New Presbyterianism 

New Measures late 1800’s  

Dispensationalism late 1800’s                           

Arminianism early 1800’s                                            

Neo Orthodox  late 1800’s      

Keswick Movement early 1900’s     

Charismatic Movement early 1900’s

Theological Liberalism  1920’s

Neo Christian Liberty   1925   

Fundamentalism   1930

New Evangelicals / Eccumenical  1950’s      

Psychology 1950’s .

Word Faith 1960’s

Moral Government  1980’s

Seeker Friendly 1980’s

Evangelical Feminism 1980’s

New Perspective 1990’s

Progressive Creationism 1990’s

Open Theism 1990’s

Modern Covenanters 1990’s

Emerging Church 2000

Spiritual Formation 2000

New Calvinists/ Kuyperi                                         


A brief overview of systems of theology and Satan’s purpose in bringing them forth into the church!

New Presbyterianism- Attack on God’s Worship, and Sovereignty over civil government. Their was a toning down of Gods worship in the 1700’s and with it a compromise with the civil government and the constitution. In order for the Presbyterian Church to come into allignment with the American Constitution she changed the wording of the Westminster Confession definition of civil government and came up with her own one. It is the belief of this author and others that when the Presbyterian worship brought forth the strange fire of uninspired hymns, and musical instruments, and the change in the constituion, that the rest of the movements came forth into the American church as judgment of God, and can only be overturned with a returning to the worship of God.

Dispensationalism- Attack on God’s covenants, and moral law. This false theology teaches that rather than God speaking through many covenants he speaks through Dispensations. Gone is the moral law, Sabbath keeping, repentance, assurance, and in are pre- trib rapture, easy believism  etc.

Arminianism- Attack on God’s sovereignty in salvation. They teach that mans will is free and can decide for Christ at any time.

New Measures- Attack on Gods soverignty in presenting the gospel message. This is the offspring and result of Arminianism. Gone is seeking God, and in is the altar call, immediate assurance of salvation etc.

Neo-Orthodox Movement. Attack on the authority of Scripture. This movement teaches that rather than a God inspired Scripture, the word of God becomes the Word of God as we read it.

Keswick movement. Attack on sancitfication. The main thought of this movement is that God does not sanctify until a period at some point after Justifcation. It is at this moment that the person becomes sanctifitd. Some teach that we can even come to the point where we do not sin, or to the point where we do not willfully sin again. This movement is responsibel for what some call the second baptism or blessing.

Charismatic movement. Attack on the authority of Scripture. This teaching bring in the subjective experiences of individuals, and downplays truth. It brings forth speaking in tongues, an aberant view of word of knowledge etc.

Theological Liberalism. Attack on the Supernatural. This wicked theology does away with all those things supernatur and brings in all those things which are natural and agree with human intellignece and reasoning. Gone are the Virgin Birth, resurrection, sinless atonement, and in are the thoughts or a moral Christ.

Neo Christian Liberty.  Attack on the separateness and holiness of Christianity. This view came forth in 1925, by Johannes Vos. It was set forth in his work, The Separated Life. In it he expoused that an idol is nothing and that a Christian could bring a Budah in his home in tolerating idolatry, and that Christians could watch movies, in tolerating movies. While he did not go very far in idolatry or worldlines himself, those after him taken the logical conclusion of Vos and have gone much further. In fact now men excuse their idolatry and  thier worldlines on appealing to this work of Vos’s.

Fundamentalism. Attack on the Liberty of Christianity. It brings for the the old gnostic error that material things are evil. They say that wine is evil when the bible says it is good. They are also very Arminian and Dispensational and most carry forth a very eager attitude like the Pharisses to spread their errror.

New Evangelicals / Ecumenicalism. Attack on unity in truth by using a false view of love and unity to welcome all into the church. It is this movement that is responsible for embracing Roman Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Psychology- Attack on the authority of Scripture. They appeal to the understanding of culture, the human soul, rather than the to Gods Word. They bring forth self-esteem, visualization, Eastern Meditation techniques etc.

Word Faith- Attack on the word of God. They appeal to the lusts of the flesh and the desire for money, fame, healing, ambition.  This false gospel also teaches false views of the trinity, Christ, sin, etc.

Seeker Friendly- Attack on the offense of the gospel. In order not to be an offense to the unbeliever they get rid of all that offends. Gone are sin, judgment, hell, wrath, and in are self esteem from psychology, bands, etc.

Evangelical Feminism. Attack on the gender roles. They seek to understand all of men and women roles by what cullture teaches rather than the Word of God. This effects all aspects of society and church. Gone are men elders and in are women elders. et.c

Moral Government. Attack on the soveringyty of God in salvation. They like Arminians appeal to the free will of man as opposed to the soveringty of God. Gone are the fall in Adam, original sin, Hell and in are free autonomy, etc.

New Perspective- Attack on Justification by Faith. It seeks to give the old roman catholic interpretation of works, by appeaking to a new understaning of Paul. It has many errors including child communion, presumed regeneration after baptism, justification by works and faith etc.

Progressive Creationism- Attack on the literal nature of the creation story. This abherant teaching says that God created the world not in six literal days as the Hebrew word Yom means but in six periods of time lasting millions of years. This teaching goes to support the evolutionist claim. So rather than appeaking to Scripture they appeal to evolutionary claims. Errors in this movement are some believe Geneis 1-2 regarding Adam and Eve are fictional not literal.

Open Theism- Attack on the nature of God. It presents God as not knowing all things, and in a learning process. They take the Arminian concept of Free Will, to its logical conclusion by saying that God cannot know all things, or man is not free.

Emerging Church- Attack on the whole of the Christian truth. It aims to produce doubt towards the essentials of Christianity. It seeks to allow culture, not the Bible to dictate what is true and what is false. It is old Socinianism and new Arminian, Moral Government, Spiritual Formation, etc. combined.

Spiritual Formation- Attack on the inward worship of God, and outward ordinances of God.  It presents the allurements of Rome with its rosary, candles, crosses, etc. It seeks to seduce with the outward rather than focusing any attentgion to the inward worship of God.

Covenanters- Attack on the unity of the Presbyterian Church. It cloaks itself with sounds of untiy and love while seeking to get people to leave the true church and join its society without the means of grace!

New Calvinists- These appeal to Calvin, and Knox, but are more in line with others. They do away with the Sabbath, are very worldly, worship like rome or the culture, and rather than appeal to experimental heart religion most are big on knowing doctrine and kuypeiism.

Reconstructionists- They attack reformation. They expect reformation to come by changing government, rather that by the church being reformed and changing governement. They appeal to attak culture rather and implemnet change by enforcing old testament civil laws on culture.   In order for Christians in our day to understand the previous theological movement errors surrounding them, it helps to see that they are old errors rewrapped for a new generation, and opposed to the Bible and Westminster Confession. In order for religion to be restored, we must pray that God reforms Christians practices to The Word of God as outlined in the confession!