Revival Themes

The Doctrine Of Seeking

The Doctrine Of Seeking God- Explained By William Nichols

The Possibility Of Salvation Is to Be Preferred To The Certainty Of Damnation- Jonathan Edwards

Pressing Into The Kingdom- Jonathan Edwards

What Seeking Sinners Can And Must Do- Jonathan Edwards- Part 1

What Seeking Sinners Can And Must Do- Jonathan Edwards- Part 2

The Narrow Way To Heaven

Two Companies Of People Pastor Kenneth Stuart

Thomas Vincent, The Narrow Way 

The Broad And Narrow Way- Arthur Pink

Exposing The Unconverted

True Christianity vs Dead orthodoxy Pastor Craig Scott

True And False Righteousness Pastor Kenneth Stuart

God’s Holiness

Paul  Washer- The Holiness Of God

Bill Marshall- The Holiness of God

The Holiness Of God- Pastor Craigg Scott

Mans Depravity

Paul Washer- The Depravity Of Man

Man Is A Very Evil And Hurtful Creature- Jonathan Edwards

Wicked Men Are Children Of The Devil- Jonathan Edwards

Wicked Men Useful In Their Destruction Only- Jonathan Edwards

The Sinfulness Of Mans Natural State- Thomas Boston

Danger of Continuing In Sin

A Dangerous Time Men Glorying In Sin- Pastor Douglas Somerset 

Separating From Sin- Pastor Bill Marshall

The Folly Of Looking Back- Jonathan Edwards

The Vain Self Flatteries Of The Sinner- Jonathan Edwards

A Man May Eternally Undo Himself In One Thought Of His Heart-Jonathan Edwards

Conviction Of Sin

Conviction Of Sin- Robert Murray McCheyne

God Makes Men Sensible Of Their Misery  Before He Saves Them-Jonathan Edwards

Men Ought To Endeavor To Be Convinced Of Sin- Jonathan Edwards


The Lake Of Fire- Pastor Craig Scott

Righteous Indignation – Pastor McCurley

Other Materials:

Hell is Real- Pastor Paul Washer

Eternal Punishment- Pastor Robert McCurley

The Wrath Of God- Pastor Anthony Dallison

The Horrors Of Hell Pastor Craig Scott

Eternal Punishment- Pastor Robert McCurley

The Wrath Of God- Pastor Anthony Dallison

The Last Judgment- Pastor Kenneth Stuart

The Torments Of Hell Are Exceeding Great- Jonathan Edwards

They That Are In Hell Are In Despair- Jonathan Edwards

Men Don’t Believe Hell Is Real- Jonathan Edwards

Hell Intolerable And Unavoidable- Jonathan Edwards

When The Wicked Fill Up Their Sin Wrath Will Come Upon Them- Jonathan Edwards

The Eternity Of Hells Torments- Jonathan Edwards

Two Querries About Hell- Christopher Love

Christ Drawing The Sinner

Coming To Christ- Pastor Bill Marshall

Preparations Before Conversion- Samuel Rutherford

The Veil Taken Away Pastor J.C. Philpot

The Righteousness of Christ

The Lord Our Righteousness Pastor Craig Scott

Our Righteousness Is Not In Ourselves- John Calvin

Justification By An Imputed Righteousness- John Bunyan

Is The Lord Your Righteousness- J.C. Ryle

Imputation Of Christ’s Righteousness- Charles Hodge

Consolations From Christ’s Righteousness- Thomas Brooks

The Lord Our Righteousness- Charles Spurgeon

Christ Our Sun Of Righteousness- Maurice Roberts

The Beauty Of Jesus Christ

The Beatific Vision Of Christ- Pastor Robert McCurley

Christ’s Beauty- Pastor Robert McCurley

Christ Draws Me- Pastor David Murray

Love For The Unseen Christ- Pastor Robert McCurley

The Fullness Of God Pastor Craig Scott

The Abiding Presence Of Christ, Pastor Craig Scott

Drawing Near To God Pastor Craig Scott

God The Best Portion- Jonathan Edwards

A Divine And Supernatural Light Imparted To The Soul- Jonathan Edwards

Test Yourself


Heaven A World Of Love- Jonathan Edwards part 1

Heaven A World Of Love- Jonathan Edwards  Part 2