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Bible Reading Plan

Robert Murray McCheyned Reading Plan


Bibles  From Textus Receptus Text

1599 Geneva Bible 

1611 King James Version


Mathew Henry

Mathew Poole

John Calvin

Singing The Psalms

The Scottish Psalter Tunes

The Scottish Psalter


Meditation On Scripture

“The Christian on the Mount” by Thomas Watson


Keeping The Heart In All Season Of Life

   Keeping The Heart by John Flavel


Reformation Experimental Preachers:

  Pastor Douglas Somerset

  Pastor Bill Marshall

  Pastor Anthony Dallison

  Pastor Ken Stewart

  Pastor Rob McCurley

  Pastor Keith Watkins

  Pastor David Silversides

  Pastor Craig Scott

Other Powerful Preachers:

  Joel Beeke 


Apologetics Teachers:

  James Wanliss

  James White

  David Wood

News And Worldview:



Research Materials:

  Puritan Mind 

  Naphtali Press

  Wabash Bible

  Puritan Network

  Reformed books online

  Reformed Online

  Grace Gems

  Fire and Ice

  A.K.A. Covenanter

  Chapel Library

  Reformation Ink  

  Digital Puritan

Reformation Bookstores:

  Reformation Heritage Books

  Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland

  Naphtali Press   

  Banner Of Truth


Audio Books:


Evangelism Materials For Seeking God:

  International Outreach

Reformed Material For Homeschool:

  Parnell McCarter