Of Christ The Mediator

Chapter VIII. Christ The Mediator 

Chapter VIII. Reforms Needed In Christ The Mediator       

1.Christ Is Eternal

2.He Came To Be Born Of A Virgin Woman

3.His Nature Was Both Fully God and Fully Man

4.Since He Was Fully God It Assured He Had No Ability To Sin

5.It Also Enabled Him To Perform Supernatural Miracles

6.Since He Was Also Fully Man He Felt Much Bodily Pain, hunger and thirst

7.His Dual Nature Enabled Him To Obey God Actively And Passively

David Dickson- Truths Victory Over Error

8.Having No Sin Christ Was Not Born Again At The Cross

Hank Hanegraff– Christianity In Crisis

9.After Three Days Christ Rose Bodily From The Grave


10.The Christian Loves Christ Primarily For His Nature

Christ’s Manifestation of Himself Unto Those Who Love Him”  (from The True     Christian’s Love to the Unseen Christ“) – Thomas Vincent

Motives To Love Jesus Christ – Thomas Doolittle

Jonathan Edwards- Religious Affections