Of God And The Holy Trinity

1. God Is A Self Existent Being

Stephen Sharnock- The Existence of God

Herman Bavnick- Independence

James Montgomery Boyce- The True God

R.C. Sproul- The Self Existent God

2. This Means He Has Existed from All Eternity

Charles Hodge-The Eternity of God

Thomas Watson- The Eternity of God

Stephen Charnock- Discourse on The Eternity of God

John Gill- Of His Eternity

J. C. Ryle- Eternity

3. He is One Essence

William Ames- The Essence Of God

John Calvin-The Unity of the Divine Essence in Three Persons…(Chapter 13 of “Institutes of   the Christian Religion“) 

James White –What Really Happened at Nicea? 

4. This Essence Consists In Three Equal Persons With Different Roles

Charles Hodge-The Trinity

Thomas Watson –The Trinity

Thomas Boston –  Of The Holy Trinity

John Owen  The Doctrine Of  The Trinity

James Montgomery Boyce- The Bibles Teaching About The Trinity

4. Scripture Uses Anthomorphic Language To Describe His Features

Herman Bavnick-Anthromorphic Language

6. He Has Incommunicable Attributes Which He Shares With No One

A.The Sovereignty of God

Jonathan Edwards-The Soverignty Of God Stops All Objections

Arthur Pink-Objections To Gods Soverignty Answered

B. The Decrees of God

Jonathan Edwards-Concerning The Decrees of God

Francis Turrentin- The Decrees of God

David Dickson- Of God’s Eternal Decrees

Hugh Binning- The Decrees of God

William Ames- The Decrees of God

Thomas Boston- The Decrees of God

John Calvin –Calvin on God’s Permissive Will

                            Wicked Men Accomplish Nothing But What The Lord Decrees

William T. Shedd- How Can God Ordain Sin and Yet Not Be Responsible for It

Charles Hodge- The Decrees of God

Arthur Pink- The Decrees of God

C. The Omnipotence of God

Charles Hodge- The Power of God

William Ames- The Efficiency of God

John Gill- The Omipotence of God

Herman Bavnick-Omnipotence

Arthur Pink-The Power of God

D. The Omniscience of God

Thomas Watston- The Omniscience of God

Charles Spurgeon- The Omniscience of God

Jonathan Edwards- Of Being

John Gill- The Omniscience of God

Arthur Pink- The Knowledge of God

E. The Omniprescese of God

Thomas Watston- The Omniprescience of God

Stephen Charnock- On God’s Omniprescience

John Gill- The Ominprescience of God

F. The Wrath and Hatred of God

Augustine- Love and Hate At The Same Time

Robert Murray McCheyne- Vessels of Wrath Fitted to Destruction

John Owen- The Furnace of Divine Wrath

Thomas Boston- The Wrath of God

Arthur Pink- The Wrath of God

Paul Washer- The Wrath of God

Benjamin Warfield- Righteous Anger Against Evil

Herman Bavnick- The Righteous Wrath of God

Martin Lloyd Jones- The Wrath of God

7.  He Has Communicable Attributes He Shares With His People

A. The Holiness of God

Thomas Watson- The Holiness of God

Arthur Pink- The Holiness of God

Stephen Charnock- The Holiness of God

Jeremiah Burroughs- The Incomparable Excellency and Holiness of God

Herman Bavnick- The Holiness of God

Charles Hodge- The Holiness of God

R.C. Sproul- The Trauma of Holiness

B. The Love of God

John Gill- The Love of God

Arthur Pink- The Love of God

John Calvin- The Love of God

                             Commentary on John 3:16                          

Robert Murray McCheyne- The Love of Christ For The Church

Charles Spurgeon- The Drawings Of Divine Love

Thomas Watson- Behold The Infinite Love of Christ

Thomas Manton- The Unspeakable Love of Christ

Thomas Goodwin- The Greatness of God’s Love To His Elect

Thomas Brooks- Christs Love to Poor Sinners

Samuel Rutherford- Christs Love and Loveliness

Martin Lloyd Jones- The Dimensions of God’s Love

8. All Of These Are Immutable Attributes of God  (Un-changing)

John Gill-The Immutability Of God

Arthur Pink- The Immutabilty Of God

Charles SpurgeonThe Immutability of God

Thomas Watson- The Immurbility Of God

Charles Hodge- The Immutability Of God

Herman Bavnick-The Immutability Of God