Of God’s Eternal Decree

Chapter III. God’s Decrees

Chapter III. Reforms Needed In God’s Decrees

1. God’s Eternal Decrees Are Not Based On Man’s Decisions?

Arthur Pink   The Decrees of God (Chapter 2 of  Attributes of God  

Hugh Binning- Of the Decrees of God 

Thomas Boston- Important Lessons Drawn from the Decrees of God” 

Francis Turrentin-The Decrees Of God

Charles Hodge   The Decrees Of God

William Ames-  The Decrees Of God

David Dickson-Of Gods Eternal Decrees

John Flavel-The Decrees Of God

The Decrees Of God – Thomas Watson

2.God knows All Things

Arthur Pink-The Knowledge of God (Chapter 2 of  Attributes of God ) 

Charles Spurgeon-   The Omniscience of God

Gordon Clark- The Omniscience Of God- Gordon Clark

3.God Is In Sovereign Control Of All Things

jonathan edwards

4.God Predestines Some To Heaven And Some To Hell

The Doctrine of Reprobation – R.C. Sproul 

Why Did God From The First Predestine Some To Death – John Calvin

Reprobation Asserted – John Bunyan

Reprobation – Lorraine Boetner

Vessels Prepared For Destruction – James White