Of Marriage And Divorce

Reforms Needed In Marriage

 I. Pre-Marriage

  We Must Marry Rather Than Burn

   Read: John Calvin

   Listen: Joel Beeke

 Christians May Sometimes Marry Without Parents Consent

   Read: Travis Fentiman – “Qualified Headship…”      

 Christians May Marry Interacially?

   Read: Brian Schwertley

Christians May Marry All Sorts Who Can Have Sex

William Gouge

II. The Duties Of Husband And Wife

William Gouge

Richard Baxter

Richard Steele

               Individual Roles

Christian Women Must Submit To There husbands

William Gouge -Articles on Chapel Library

Christian Women Must Be Homemakers

Women At Home- John Calvin

Men’s Roles In Marriage

Men Must Love Wife As Christ Loves The Church

William Gouge

Men Must Have A Lawful Calling

Richard Steele

William Perkins

Men Must Lead In Family Worship

Family Worship- John Brown Of Wamphrey

Family Worship-Arthur Pink

Family Worship-Thomas Manton

Family Worship-William Perkins

Family Worship-John Newton

James Alexander

Mathew Henry

III. The Duties Of Parents

J.C. Ryle- The Duties of Parents

They Must Model Christ To Them

They Must Train Them In The Way They Should Go

They Must Discipline With The Rod

They Must Provide A Christian Education

John Murray

Brian Schwertley

They Must Catechize Them In The Word

IV. The Marraige Bed

A Christian May Not Use Contraception

   Many articles:  Puritan Downloads

    Randy Alcorn

The End of Marriage 

 Only God Has Power To Dissolve Marriages

   Read:  John Owen – “Of Marrying After Divorce In Case of Adultery” (from “The     Works of John Owen“, Vol. 16)

The Only Reason For Divorce Is Adultery

The Innocent Party May Re-Marry After Adultery Or Desertion