Of The Church

Chapter XXV.Reforms Needed In The Church

    Read Westminster Confession Chapter 25

                                                                     The Membership

Chapter XXV. Reforms Needed In The Church

We Enter The Church By Profession of Faith And Or Baptism

John Gill

Benjamin Keach

We must Be strict In Who Joins The Church

John Owen

John Cotton

Each Church Is  Independent In Its Government

William Ames

John Owen

John Cotton

All Those Who Join Have Authority To Vote In Church Matters

John Cotton

John Owen

Thomas Goodwin

Solomon Stoddard

William Ames

The Process of Church Discipline Should Be Very Swift

Alexander Henderson

When Anyone Is Guilty Of Unrepentant Sin He Goes Before The Church For Excommunition

John Owen

Jonathan Edwards

One May Also Leave If There is Rampant Worldliness

John Cotton- Of The Holiness Of Church Members

John Owen

      Elders And Deacons

The Church Consists Of Elders And Deacons

To Be Considered For These Offices Their Are Qualifications

William Perkins

Charles Bridges

James Durham

The Only Way One May Preach Gods Word Is By Being Ordained

David Dickson, Truths Victory Over Error

George Gillespie-Ordination-

Women May Not Publicly Teach Men

Truths Victory Over Errror- David Dickson  

 “Women Preachers: The Public Preaching of Women”Read: R.L. Dabney –

Women May Not Preach B.B. Warfield,

For One To Be Called The Church Body  Elects Them

    Read: Samuel Rutherford – “Rutherford on Separatism”

    Read: Thomas Boston


 Does The Christian Have Liberty To Fellowship With Those In Sin?

    Read: George Gillespie – Forbidden Alliances Concerning Associations and     Confederacies with Idolaters, Infidels, Heretics, or Any Other Known Enemies of Truth and Godliness”

Holiness The Crown Jewel Of Christianity-Thomas Brooks