Of The Fall of Man


1.The Fall Was Decreed To Take Place (Infra vs Supra)

John Owen, Communion With God

Theodore Beza- The Fall Was Necessary and Beautiful

2.Adam Was The Federal Representative For All Men

Arthur Pink-Adam Is Our Federal Head  

3. God Imputes Adams Sin To Mankind

Did All Mankind Fall In Adam? – John Flavel

The Imputation Of Adams Sin – John Murray

Imputation – B.B. Warfield

Containing Answers to Objections (Part 4, Chapter 3 of  The Great                           Christian Doctrine of ORIGINAL SIN Defended; Evidences of its                                Truth Produced, and Arguments to the Contrary Answered) – Jonathan Edwards

4.This Imputation Of Sin Added Nothing To Mens Nature

Solomon Stoddard- The Essay In Jonathan Edwards

5.Since The Fall Man Is Totally Depraved

Total Depravity – Lorraine Boettner    

The Total Depravity of Man – Charles Hodge 

Man Now Deprived of Freedom of Will, and Miserably Enslaved (Book 2, Chapter       2 of Institutes of Christian Religion) –  John Calvin       

The Total Depravity Of Man –  Arthur Pink

6. His Will Is Enslaved To Follow His Evil Nature

Martin Luther- Bondage Of The Will

7. It Is Free To Do What It Wants

Jonathan Edwards- Freedom Of The Will

8. In This Condition God Hates Mankind

Jonathan Edwards-

Arthur Pink

9. Even So God Has A Desire To Do Good To Man

Hugh Binning

Ralph Venning

10.As A Sinner Mankind Has Nothing To Esteem In Himself 

The Biblical View of Self Esteem – Jay Adams

Arthur Pink – Vile