Of The Holy Scripture

The Scriptures Are Our Only Authority

Robert Haldane- The Evidence And Authority of Divine Revelation

The Scriptures Are Innerant

Charles Spurgeon-  from his sermon The Warnings and the Rewards of the Word of  God 

J.C.Ryle-  Full Inspiration and Inerrancy of the Bible 

John Murray- The Attestation Of Scripture – John Murray

Brian Schwertley- Modernism And Inerrancy   

John Gerstner- Biblical Inerrancy

Harold Lindsell- Historian Looks at Inerrancy 

James White- Does Inerrancy Matter Anymore 

The Canon Of Scripture Is Closed? 

Robert Haldane- The Books Of The Old And New Testament Canonical And Inspired

God Does Not Speak To Men Apart From Scripture

Charles Hodge- Mysticism (From His Systematic Theology Book 62-79) 

B.B. Warfield- Mysticism And Christianity

Richard Bennett-The Mystic Plague Sweeping The Western World 

The King James And Geneva Bible Have Been Providentially Preserved

Robert McCurley

Accurate Translation

Authentic Text

Stephen Dilday

The Bibles Providential Preservation 1/4 

The Bibles Providential Preservation 2/4

The Bibles Providential Preservation 3/4

The Bibles Providential Preservation 4/4

The Churches Need For Confessions and Creeds