Of The Law of God

Chapter XIX. Reforms Needed In The Law Of God

“We Establish The Law”

For an Overview Of The Law of God:

The Ten Commandments – James Durham

Thomas Watson – The Ten Commandments – Thomas Watson

Explanation of the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism – Thomas Vincent

The Old Testament Law Was Three-Fold

The Judicial and Ceremonial Law Have Abolished

The New Testament Moral Law Is The Same As The Old Testament Moral Law

Their Are Three Purposes Of The Law of God

John Calvin-Institutes of Christian Religion

The Moral Law Is To Be Obeyed by Christians

The Moral Law a Rule of Obedience – Samuel Bolton

The Law and the Saint – Arthur Pink

The Proper Definition and Uses of the Law – Brian Schwertley

Law and Grace – John Murray

Mathew Poole-Commentary on Matthew 5:17-20 

John Calvin  Commentary on Matthew 5: 17-20

Brian Schwertley-  Abiding Validity of the Law

Stephen Dilday- Fulfillment of the Law 

Joel Beeke  The Eleven Commandments 

No One Is Saved By Obedience To The Moral Law

The Civil Government Cant Force The Law In Religion

John Cotton-Cant Force Conscience In Matters Of Religion