Essential Reading


Study of Scripture

Hermeneutics- Patrick Faribaign


Study Of God

The Body Of Divinity- Thomas Watson

The Attributes Of God- Arthur Pink

The Existence And Attributes Of God- Stephen Charnock


Study Of Man

       Free Will

            The Freedom Of The Will-Jonathan Edwards

             The Bondage Of The Will- Martin Luther

      Total Depravity

            Human Nature In Its Four Fold State -Thomas Boston

            Total DepravityArthur Pink       


             The Mischief Of Sin- Thomas Watson



      Seeking God

              A Guide To Christ- Solomon Stoddard

     Testimonies Instilling Hope

             Handfuls Of Purpose- Ruth Bryan

             The Diary Of Mary Hurl

             The Testimony Of David Brainard

             The Testimony Of Jonathan Edwards



        The Fear of God-  Thomas Watson

        The Crown of Jewels (Holiness)- Thomas Brooks

        Keeping The Heart- John Flavel

        Charity- Jonathan Edwards

        The Beatitudes- Thomas Watson

        The Duty Of Spiritual Mindedness- John Owen

        The Art Of Divine Contentment- Thomas Watson

        A Gracious Spirit- Jeremiah Burroughs

       Precious Remedies Against Satans Devices- Thomas Brooks

       Faith- Jermiah Burroughs

       Moses Self Denial- Jeremiah Burroughs

The Mute Christian Under The Rod- Thomas Brooks



       Call To The Ministry

                Cases Of Concience- William Ames


                The Duty Of The Pastor- Patrick Fairbaign

The Ruling Elder- George Gillespie


                The Expository Genus of John Calvin- Stephen Lawson

                Evangelical Eloquence- R. L. Dabney

                Preaching And Preachers- Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones

               Lecures To My Students-Charles Spurgeon

               The Art Of Prophecy- William Perkins


               The Christian Directory- Richard Baxter



       Public Worship

            Sanctifying The Sabath- Thomas Brooks

            Gospel Worship- Jeremiah Burroughs

            Communion- Thomas Watson

            Infant Baptism-John Calvin

           Thoughts On Public Prayer- Samuel Miller

       Family Worship

            Family Religion- Mathew Henry

           Thoughts On Family Worship- James Alexander

           Family Worship- Joel Beeke

       Private Worship


           Motives To Prayer- Thomas Brooks

           The Method Of Prayer- Mathew Henry

            Importunate In Prayer- Christopher Love

            Answers To Prayer- Thomas Goodwin


            The Christian On The Mount- Thomas Watson

            Bible Reading:

           Chapter From Practical Religion-J.C. Ryle

           Chapter From Bible-Thomas Watson


Study Of Last Things


               Fire And Brimstone- Thomas Vincent

               The Torments Of Hell- Jonathan Edwards


             A World Of Love- Jonathan Edwards


            Interpretation of Prophecy- Patrick Fairbaign

             Christ’s Second Coming (Critique Of Pre-Millenialism) – Thomas Brown