Religious Worship

I. All Elements Of Public Worship Must Be Commanded

1. John Knox- Article by Scott 

2. John Calvin & John Calvin Article by Scott

3. G.I. Williamson- Worship

4.Thomas Manton- Why God Must Command All Worship, Volume 15, pages 349-352 

5.Thomas Vincent  Shorter Catechism Explained By Scripture, Pages 117-120

6.Thomas Watson- A Godly Man Is Careful About True Worship, Fifth point on the link

4. Rob McCurley

II. New Testament Worship Is Very Simple

1. John Owen, Gospel Worship

2. Thomas Boston-  Second point on the second commandment

III. God Abhors All False Worship

Thomas Brooks- Stand Against All Mixtures In False Worship

John Flavel-

Thomas Vincent- Shorter Catechism Explained By Scripture, Question 13 Page 123-126

IV. God Abhors Bringing Back Old Testament Worship

1. No Musical Instruments

G.I. Williamson –“Instruments in Public Worship: Commanded or Not      Commanded?”

R.L. Dabney – “Girardeau’s ‘Instruments in Public Worship’ – A Review”

Hugh Brown – “Discourse Against the Use of Instrumental Music in Public      Worship”

Mark Fitzpatrick – Instrumental Music And Worship

Robert McCurley – “Musical Instruments in Worship”

Steven Dilday – “History of the Service of Song”

John Girardeau – “Instrumental Music in the Worship of the Church”

Brian Schwertley – “Musical Instruments in the Public Worship of God”

2. No Holy Days 

G.I. Williamson – “Holy Days of Men and Holy Days of God”

Samuel Miller – “Presbyterians Do Not Observe Holy Days”

Steven Dilday – Various sermons on the history of holy days (Christmas, Easter,      etc.)

George Gillespie-English And Popish Ceremonies

a. Christmas

Increase Mather  Against Profane Christmas Keeping

Arthur Pink Xmas

L.R. Shelton

The Free Presbterian Church Of Scotland Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

b. Halloween 

David Silversides- A Biblical Assessment 

c. Birthdays

Still Water Revival Quote

3. No Choirs

Free Presbyterian Church Magazine – “The Case Against the Choir”

V. God Abhors Bringing In Roman Catholic Worship

1. No Uninspired Hymns

John Chalmers – Sermon on exclusive psalmody published in 1900

John Murray – “Song in the Public Worship of God”

G.I. Williamson – “The Singing of Psalms in the Worship of God”

John Gill – “A Discourse on Singing of Psalms as a Part of Divine Worship”

John Cotton – The Singing Of Psalms A Gospel Ordinance-

Brian Schwertley   “Exclusive Psalmody: A Biblical Defense” 

Mark Fitzpatrick- Should We Sing Anything Except The Psalms?

Rob McCurley –The Singing of Psalms

Malcolm Watts- Singing Psalms

2. No Creeds

Travis Fentiman-  Creeds Are Not An Element Of Public Worship

3. No Pictures of Christ

John Murray – “Pictures of Christ”

Thomas Watson – “The Second Commandment” (from “The Ten           Commandments“)

G.I. Williamson – “Pictures of Christ” (part of a tract on the Second  Commandment)

4. No Kneeling At The Lord’s Supper

George Gillespie, English and Popish Ceremonies pages 47-80

5. No Funeral Services For Dead

Covenanter Magazine – “Evils in the Churches No. 6 – Services at the Burial of          the Dead”

Alexander Henderson- Reformation Of Church Government In Scotland

Thomas McCrie- Free Thoughts On The Celebration of Funerals

VI. God Abhors Bringing Protestant Inventions In Worship
1. Headcoverings

John Calvin – “Calvin on Headcoverings”

David Dickson – “The Seventh Article Concerning Order and Decency” Chapter 6 of “Commentaries on the Epistles“) 

David Silversides – “Is Headcovering Biblical?   

David Silversides – Sermons on Women’s Headcoverings  

Mark Fitzpatrick- Headship and Headcovering

Malcolm Watts-Headcovering Overview

Malcolm Watts- Headcovering

2. No Deaconesses

Ron Gleason – “The PCA and Female Deaconesses”

Brian Schwertley – “A Historical and Biblical Examination of Women      Deaconesses”

3. No Voting for women

Thomas McCrie -Women Voting

VII. When we take part in false worship we become idolaters

1. George Gillespie

VIII. God promises to bring destruction on Idolatry