Revival Of Religion

“You are to know a  Reformation does not make these rents and divisions, but it finds or exposes them, for it is the tyranny of Church Officers that makes divisions in the Church.”

-Anthony Burgess

In 1662,? one of the leaders in the Church of Scotland took the Godly Burgess advice and wrote a commmentary on the Westminster Confession exposing error. It was the finest commentary on the Westminster Confession ever written entiteld, Truths Victory Over Error. In this confession, he chronicled  the teaching of the first and second reformation. He also wrote a response refuting all the errors that went against this teaching. The following are the movements that Satan was using in Dickson’s day to take the people of God away from Scripture! 

  1. Arians                                                                                    11.Independents
  2. Arminians                                                                            12. Jesuits
  3. Antabaptists                                                                       13. Libertines
  4. Arminians                                                                            14. Manicheans
  5. Brownists                                                                            15. Papist
  6. Donatists                                                                             16. Pelagians
  7. Epicureans                                                                          17. Quakers
  8. Eutichans                                                                            18. Sabellions
  9. Erastians                                                                              19. Socinians
  10.  Familiasts                                                                           20. Vanelians

Since our day is filled with error like Dickson’s I believe it is time for another book exposing the errors Satan has brought forth into the American Church.  To show how relevant Dickson’s book is for our day I am going to list his chapters under the Westminster Confession chapter. While this book does not copy any of Dickson’s work, it does use close to the same formula for which Dickson wrote. To illustrate, I will first list the question like Dickson, then say  well then are not the _Example- ____( Arminians) wrong who say men have a free will to accept Christ by nature. While I may list one of Dickson’s movements in his day when I say well then are not the (Docistist) wrong,  I am primarily going to use the movements in our day. The only time I will list a movement in Dicksons day is when they the same ones that Dickson refuted in his book- only having a new name. If a movement is totally new then I will only list the new movement in our day. To understand how we have come to the place we have in America it helps to understand how America was formed. She was reformed theolgoically. However what set her apart was her adherence to the glory of God, when that fell all fell. The church began to fall shortly after her founding by allowing the worship of God to be corrupted. Once traditions came forth, the floodgates opened. From then it was a slide of Dispensationalism 1800’s to the Emerging Church in 2000. The following are a list of the movements I will be refuting in this book:

  1. New Presbyterianism / Erastian early 1800′s      13.Word Faith         25 Patriarachy
  2. Dispensationalism late 1800’s                                   14.Seeker Friendly
  3. Arminianism early 1800’s                                            15.Evangelical Feminism
  4. New Measures late 1800’s                                           16. Moral Government  1980’s
  5. Neo Orthodox  late 1800’s                                           17.New Perspective 1990’s
  6. Keswick Movement early 1900’s                               18.Progressive Creationism 1990’s
  7. Charismatic Movement early 1900’s                       19.Open Theism 1990’s
  8. Theological Liberalism  1920’s                                  20. Emerging Church 2000
  9. Neo Chrisitan Liberty   1925                                    21. Spiritual Formation 2000
  10. Fundamentalism   1930                                                22. Modern Covenanters 1990’s
  11. New Evangelicals / Eccumenical  1950’s               23. New Calvinists / Kuyperism
  12.  Psychology 1950’s                                                         24 Reconstructionalism


For a brief definition of the previous theological errors please press here

It is from these movements which Satan has caused division, and turmoil, and from which we must pray for the Lord to relieve us from. After breifly asking the question well then are not the Arminians, Dispensationalists, wrong to say ________ ,  I will then say for the answer read so and so! . I believe by doing this it will expose the reader to what the godly men of the first and second reformation had to say about the issues of our day in hopes of a revival of religion if God wills. It will also allow for the most part to let godly ministers to speak though dead. Also it will give the reader more information then Dickson gave the reader in his book.


Just like ickson the following is lableled according the Westminster Confession Of Faith.  An example how to use this book is if you press chapter 1 Scripture it will go to a page listing questions and answers, with an artilce to read, and then many resources-tapes, sermons, writing to study further! In other words if you are dealing with errors regarding the doctrine of God go to chapters 2-3 and you should find what you are looking for. If you are dealing with issues on salvation look through chapters 9-18, or if you are looking for an issue regarding Gods dealings with mankind, look at 3-4, and 7. May the Lord allow you to use these 33 chapters to bring you closer, or to Himself!

When the Lord sends a revival of religion it will look like Scripture. There is no better place to look for what revival of religion looks like than the Westminster Confession of Faith.