Christians Must Keep The Sabbath Day Holy?

The Sabbath Has Changed Days

Jonathan Edwards – “Perpetuity and Change of the Sabbath”

A.A. Hodge – “Sabbath, The Day Changed: The Sabbath Preserved”

It Is Still From Evening To Evening

Thomas Shephard

John Cotton

This Day Is To Be Kept Strictly Religious

Thomas Vincent

John Owen

J.C. Ryle

Robert Murray McCheyne

God Punishes Sabbath Breakers Severely

Thomas Manton

Thomas Vincent

Thomas Watson

Thomas Brooks

Articles, and Books On The Sabbath

    R.L. Dabney – “The Christian Sabbath: It’s Nature, Design and Proper        Observance”

    John Calvin – “On the Sabbath” (from “Sermons on Deuteronomy“)

    J.C. Ryle – “Sabbath: A Day to Keep”

    Bill Marshall – Sermons on the Sabbath

    Brian Schwertley – “The Christian Sabbath: Part 1″

    Supporting Materials

    John Murray – “The Sabbath”

    Charles Hodge – “The Fourth Commandment”

    Thomas Watson – “The Fourth Commandment”

    John Bunyan – “Questions About the Nature and Perpetuity of the Seventh-Day     Sabbath…”

    John Owen – “A Treatise on the Sabbath”

   Thomas Boston – “Of the Fourth Commandment” (from “Commentary on the     Shorter Catechism“)