Chapter 13 Of Sanctification

Doesn’t the bible say that at salvation we were sealed with baptism and that Paul says there is only one baptism? Yes.

Well then are not Keswick teachers false in teaching that we are to seek another baptism? Answer by Palmer Robertson

Doesn’t the Bible clearly portray the apostle Paul struggling against sin late in his Christian life? Yes in Romans 7

Well then doesn’t this show that the Keswick movement is false in saying that we can reach some sort of place where we do not sin again?

Well then are not Keswick teacher false in saying  that Romans seven is speaking of Paul as an unbeliever? Answer by Robert Murray McCheyne

Well then should we follow the  in saying that we should just let go and let God in our Christian Life?

Doesn’t the Bible say that we have all we need for life and godliness or sanctification? Yes

Well then are not Psychologists false in getting their counselless to use a visualization technique to acheive morality or godliness?

Well then are not Spiritual Formation teachesrs wrong by seeking to do various things such as repeat mantras,

Well then are not Psychologists false in saying that we need to be loved before we can show Christian love to others. Answer by

Well then is it not false to say with Charismatics that we must first find the generational curse which is attacking us, and then we can grow in Christ? Answer by


Is it true that all types of sin are equal in the eyes of the Lord?

Is Pschology correct in saying that we cannot love others until they love us?

When we sin against God should we first forgive ourself as Psychology teaches?

Is it true that we may have to get past a generational curse as Psychology teaches to progress in sanctification?

Should we follow our hearts as Psychologists teach us?

May the church follow the practice of emptying the mind as the Easter Religions teach?