Separation From World

The term “Christian liberty,” like many another, is used very loosely by our moderns. We greatly fear that to many, who though bearing the name of Christians, have never been born again—Christian liberty means license to do as one pleases . “

Arthur Pink

     1. Lawful Use Of The World

I. Recreation

John Angel James- Recreation and Amusements 

William Perkins- Cases Of Conscience

George Swinnock- Exercising Ourselves To Godliness

William Greenhill, Stop Loving The World, pages

2. Unlawful Use Of The World


John Flavel- Serious and Seasonable Caveat to all the Saints in this Hour of Temptation, 29-33

Thomas Watson–Heaven Taken By Storm

Ralph Erskine- The Vanity of Earthly Things And Worldly Enjoyments

Thomas Brooks-Holiness The Way To Happiness, pages 43-45

John Bunyan- A Holy Life

John Owen- Public Tempations Chapter Three

J.C. Ryle- The World

Horatious Bonar- The World

Charles Spurgeon- Places of Entertainments

Arthur Pink- A Call To Separation

Horatius Bonar- Christ And The World

L.R. Shelton- Love Not The World

Jeremiah Burroughs- Earthly Mindedness- 

Buy: Stop Loving The World – William Greenhill

Alexander Thompson- Lovers of Pleasure Rather Than God

II. Worldliness Carries With It Many Sins and Dangers

1. The Appearance Of Evil

John Angel James-Avoiding The Appearance of Evil

Thomas Brooks- Avoiding The Appearance of Evil A Sign of Grace page 39-42

2.The Beholding Of Evil

Thomas Manton Psalm 101- Mortified Eyes- 

John Calvin-Commentary on Isaiah 33:14-15

Mathew Poole-Commentary on Isaiah 33:14-15

Mathew Henry- Commentary on Isaiah 33:14-15

Mark Fitzpatrick- Sermon on Psalm 101

3. The Bad Company 

Thomas Brooks-To Choose Wicked Company-

John Angell James- The Christian Fathers Present To His Children

George Swinnock- 

Thomas Manton- Sermon On Psalm 119

4. Partaking In Other Men’s Sins

David Clarkson- Partaking In Other Men’s Sins

William Ames- Cases Of Conscience

John Calvin- Commentary on Ephesians 4

Mathew Poole-Commentary on Ephesians 4

Mathew Henry- Commentary on Ephesians 4

Rob McCurley- Sermon on First Timothy

5. The Wasting of Time

Jonathan Edwards-The Preciousness of Time And Importance of Redeeming It

John Angel James- Redeeming Time

Richard Baxter-Time Wasting Thieves-

Thomas Manton-

6. Deadening Heavenly affections

Edward Manning-Worldly Affections Destructive To The Love of God-

 III. We Must Avoid Worldly Entertainments

1.A. Watching Movies

Increase Mather-A Testimony Against Several Prophane and Superstitious Customs… 

Samuel Miiler –A sermon on theatre attendance, delivered on January 19, 1812 

John Angel James-On Theatrical Amusements” (from The Christian Father’s Present to His Children)     

Samuel Pike and Heyward- Cases of Conscience, Is Going To Plays Consistent With A Christian Profession?

William Plummer-Theatrical Entertainments

Tertullian- The Shows

The Early Church And Movies-Prologue (from The Law Unsealed: Or, A Practical Exposition of  the Ten  Commandments…) 

Should Christians Watch Movies? – David Murray

William Ames-Cases Of Conscience

Joel Beeke- Is TV Really So Bad?

1.B. Religious Movies

A.W. Tozier- The Menace Of The Religious Movie

2. Mixed Dancing

Increase Mather-An Arrow Against Profane and Promiscuous Mixed Dancing

Cotton Mather- A Cloud of Witnesses… 

R.L. Dabney- The Dancing Question

James Durham- The Law Unsealed /The Seventh Commandment

Benjamin Palmer- Social Dancing Inconsistent With a Christian Profession and  Baptismal Vows      

J.C. Ryle-  Practical Religion, Chapter on The World, Last few pages- Concerning Ball Going

3. Mixed Swimming

Scott PollardPublic Undressing of America

Vincent Alsop-Avoiding Immodest Fashions-

4. Reading Worldliness and Vanity

R.L. Dabney-  On Dangerous Reading-

John Angel James-On Books

Richard Baxter- Directions For Reading Of Books

5. Spectator Sports

Tertullian- The Shows

Richard Baxter-Directions For Lawful Sports

Modern Day Writer- The Idol Of Sports

Thomas Vincent-

Jeremiah Burroughs

6. Cards and Dice

Increase Mather

Pike And Heyward- Cases of Conscience

James Durham- The Ten Commandments

7. Worldly And Vain Songs

Richard Baxter-Wanton Songs and Discourse To Be Denied pages 165-168

IV. We Must Avoid Worldly Religous Practices

1.Tae Kwon Doe

Unknown Author- Article Exposing Tae Kwon Doe

2.Applied Kinesiology

John Ankerberg-  Muscle Testing Applied Kinesiology


Unknown Author- The Yoga Deception

V. We Must Avoid The Fashions Of The World

1. Chrisitan Women and Men Must Dress Distinct

Sermon On Timothy-John Calvin

The Seventh Commandment- James Durham

2. Men and Women Must Avoid Immodest Wear

Vincent Alsop-Avoiding Immodest Fashions

3. Christian Women Must Wear Dresses

David Silversides – “Christian Modesty in Dress: What Does the Bible Teach?”

James Durham – “On Apparelling” (from “The Law Unsealed)

Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland – “Distinct Clothing for Men and Women”